Below is a list of upcoming dates for our Board of Directors Meetings held at Tiger Field Board Room, 612 Adams Ave., La Junta, CO.


Monday, January 9th / 11:30 am

January 9th Agenda

Board Conflict of Interest Statement

Monday, February 13th / 11:30 am

February 13th Agenda

Monday, March 6th / 11:30 am

March 6th Agenda

Monday, April 3rd / 11:30 am

April 3rd Agenda

Monday, May 1st / 11:30 am

May 1st Agenda

Monday, June 5th / 11:30 am

June 5th Agenda

No Meeting in July

August 7th Agenda

Monday, August 7th / 11:30 am

September 11th Agenda

Monday, September 11th / 11:30 am

October 2nd Agenda

Monday, October 2nd / 11:30 am

November 13th Agenda

Monday, November 13th / 11:30 am


January 8th Agenda

Monday, January 8th / 11:30 am

February 5th Agenda

Monday, February 5th / 11:30 am

March 5th Agenda

Monday, March 5th / 11:30 am

April 2nd Agenda

Monday, April 2nd / 11:30 am

May 7th Agenda

Monday, May 7th / 11:30 am

June 4th Agenda

Monday, June 4th / 11:30 am

No Meeting in July

August 6th Agenda

Monday, August 6th / 11:30 am

September 10th Agenda

Monday, September 10th / 11:30 am

October 1st Agenda

Monday, October 1st / 11:30 am

November 12th Agenda

Monday, November 12th / 11:30 am