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The InspirationField Board has been in existence since 1966; begun by a small group of parents wanting a place for their children to attend school and be with others. Individuals with developmental disabilities typically did not attend public school at that time.

Today InspirationField serves approximately 180 children and adults with developmental disabilities in the tri-county area of Otero, Bent, and Crowley Counties.


 Where "if" becomes reality.


The Global Treasurz Expansion Fund has been established to expand Global Treasurz by adding a dedicated sorting area. The existing sorting area is approximately 2,588 sf. (37.5' x 69' wide). The existing sorting area will be converted to floor sales space. The new sorting area would be approximately 4,800 sf. @ $130/sf for total construction costs of $624,000. The sorting area would connect to the existing building via a breeze way. Additional asphalt could add additional cost of $100K - $225K.

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