Supported Living Services (SLS) is a Medicaid Waiver Program designed for Medicaid-eligible persons with developmental disabilities. State funding is also available for individuals without Medicaid to receive the same services.  The goal of the SLS program is to provide person-centered support to individuals with developmental disabilities so they may remain living in their own homes, with family and to participate in the community with minimal intrusion into the person's life. The program is a natural support program and is intended to assist individuals along with the help and support of their family or other means of resources to help them achieve their independence.  SLS services consist of the following:

Personal Care

Range of assistance to enable participants to accomplish tasks that they would normally do for themselves i.e. money management, grocery shopping, etc.

Supported Community Connector

Provides a wide variety of opportunities to facilitate and build relationships and natural supports in the community while utilizing the community as a learning environment. i.e. community education, socialization, and volunteer activities.

Homemaker Basic and Enhanced

Supports participants with basic household tasks within the primary residence i.e. cleaning, laundry, and household care.


Service to assist participants with dental and vision payments after Medicaid or Medicare is billed.


Service provided to promote self-advocacy through methods such as instructing, providing experiences, modeling, and advising. Mentorship also supports participants with their health and safety matters in and out of the home setting.

Assistive Technology

Devices that are related directly to supporting participants which are necessary to overcome environmental barriers.Respite: service provided to participants on a short term basis, because of the absence or need for relief of those persons who normally provide care for the participant.


Service provided to participants on a short term basis, because of the absence or need for relief of those persons who normally provide care for the participant.

Day Habilitation Services and Supports

Services provide participants with personalized training, supports, supervision and activities. Programs consist of Specialized Habilitation, Supported Community Connection, Supported Employment and Prevocational Services.

Vehicle Modifications

Service provided to assist individuals with vehicle modifications to assist them with getting around easier.

Behavioral Services

Service to support an individual and to help them cope and maintain a more positive outlook.

Home Accessibility Adaptations

Service that assists participants with their needs while in the home and depending on their disability. I.e. wheel chair ramps, rails, etc.

Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies

Special tools that are needed to assist participants to live as independent as possible in their daily lives.

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