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Driving is a primary job duty of many employees and an essential job duty of all employees at Inspiration Field. Drug testing, driving record checks, background checks and proof of motor vehicle insurance is required for all new employees of the agency.

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Transportation services provided by Inspiration Field are to disabled individuals in service in Bent, Otero and Crowley Counties and is focused on meeting their individual needs and preferences by ensuring they have access to meet their basic needs for work, shopping, medical and other engagements as well as access to entertainment, and a variety of leisure and community events.

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Individuals in service have the opportunity to receive transportation to attend a number of events annually sponsored by Inspiration Field such as Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Monster Bash Costume Party and Dance and St. Patrick's Day Dinner and Talent Show to name a few. Other events which transportation is provided include community parades, Arkansas Valley Fair, Early Settler's Day, Broncos Training Camp, Rafting excursions, camping trips, and other requested destinations. Transportation occurs daily and often on weekends and evenings.Due to the 24/7/365 services provided there is staff and vehicle available for medical transport including non-traditional hours between 5:00 pm through 7:30 am and on weekends.

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Reasonable Modifications

It has been a longstanding practice of Inspiration Field to provide the best quality support to individuals in service. Individuals in service may make requests of their Support Staff or Supervisors for transportation that are outside regularly scheduled transportation services provided. Staff and Supervisors attempt to accommodate these requests.


A comprehensive three week training curriculum is required for each new employee to successfully complete prior to working independently. The training encompasses all aspects of the employees required duties. All employees must complete a variety of annual recurring trainings ranging from Defensive Driving - Crisis Intervention.


Inspiration Field operates over 30 vehicles from passenger cars to Transit Buses to provide transportation services to disabled individuals in service. Vehicle maintenance schedules are generally stricter than the manufacturer's recommendations. Vehicles are checked by drivers when they are used and by the Transportation Manager biannually or more often if defects are reported. Vehicles are also checked by the maintenance facility when they are taken in for periodic maintenance.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

"The Agency supports and promotes a policy and program of affirmative action to prevent discrimination based on race, age, sex, color, national origin, HIV or AIDS status, and physical or mental disability in every area of its services." 100.02 Found in the Employee Handbook.The Agency maintains a Title VI Policy stating that "In accordance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Inspiration Field does not discriminate..."

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