Inspiration Field offers Adult Residential Services for individuals with developmental disabilities that range from minimum support and supervision to twenty-four hour on-site supervision and direct care.

The variety of special programs we offer is to address each individuals needs and potential – along with twenty-four hour on-site supervision, direct support, transportation, daily health care, assistance with home living challenges, community activities, skill training, decision-making skills, specialized services for offenders, 24/7 nursing services, and behavioral health services.

The residential program consists of a variety of home settings – These settings include:

Group Residential Services and Supports (GRSS)

Group Residential Services and Supports (GRSS) is designed to provide 24-hour on-site supervision, services and supports for 4 – 8 individuals with developmental disabilities living in a group home.

Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS)

Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS) provides personalized services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities living in his/her own community apartment or home, an agency-owned or leased home, or a Host Home Provider setting.

Adult Waiver Chart

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Host Home Provider Services

Host Home Provider Services provides 1-3 individuals with developmental disabilities in a home setting who desire to live in a family-like environment. Become a Host Home Provider today.

Health Services we provide offer twenty-four hours/seven days a week minimal to total direct medical care. Health Services assists the agency in determining and meeting the health needs of our individuals with developmental disabilities, prepares health care plans, and supervises the implementation of required health care.


Program Supervisor

Brian Gauna

Behavior Specialist

Cayle Hines

Director of Nursing

Barbara Manchego

Director of Nursing

Niki Liddle

Registered Nurse

Martha Cunningham

Registered Nurse

Kelsey Crow

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