Day Habilitation Services and Supports (DHSS) provides support to individuals in both the Home Community Based Services (HCBS-DD) and HCBS-Supported Living Services (SLS) waiver programs.

Our goal is to provide person-centered planning to each individual. Through our learning center environment, we maximize their functional abilities and assist them to realize their highest level of potential.   Activities and environments are designed to foster the acquisition of skills, appropriate behavior, greater independence, and personal choice.  DHSS provides opportunities for training through Specialized Habilitation, Supported Employment Services, Prevocational Services and Supported Community Connections.

Specialized Habilitation (SH)

Services are generally provided in a non-integrated setting which provides the individuals with personalized training, supports, supervision and activities. Such services include assistance with self-feeding, toileting, self-care, sensory stimulation and integration, and supervision.  Specialized Habilitation services may serve to reinforce skills or lessons taught in school, therapy, or other settings.

Supported Community Connection (SCC)

Supports the abilities and skills necessary to enable the participant to access typical activities and functions of community life.  SCC provides a wide variety of opportunities to facilitate and build relationships and natural supports in the community while utilizing the community as a learning environment.  SCC may include community education, socialization, retirement and volunteer activities.

Supported Employment

Services consist of intensive and ongoing supports that enable participants, for whom competitive employment, at or above minimum wage is unlikely without the proper supports.  These supports can include, but are not limited to, personalized training at the work site, supervisor mediation, job development, and on-going support.  Supported Employment includes activities needed to sustain paid work by participants, including supervision and training.

Prevocational Services

Services prepare a participant for paid community employment. Prevocational services are designed to assist participants in acquiring and maintaining work habits and work-related skills.  Services include teaching such concepts as attendance, task completion, problem solving and safety that are associated with compensated work.  The intended outcome is community employment within five years.


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Julia Hoeppner

Program Supervisor

Brittany Leyba

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Zeke Vigil

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