Day Program Individuals

In 1964, children with developmental disabilities in Colorado’s Arkansas Valley did not attend public school.  A group of parents wanted and needed a place for their children to be in school with others, where they could learn and become as independent as possible.  This group of parents created the organization that is known today as InspirationField. InspirationField has been providing services since 1966 in an area covering 3,611 square miles.  Today, it is one of Colorado’s 20 Community Centered Boards, designated as the sole provider of comprehensive services and support for approximately 150 adults and children with developmental disabilities in Crowley, Otero and Bent counties.  InspirationField works with those individuals diagnosed with mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and numerous other developmental disabilities.  Each person determined eligible is entitled to case management services through InspirationField; other core programs meet the needs of individuals and their families throughout life:

  • Early Intervention – service coordination, therapies and other professional services for children birth to three years of age and their families
  • Family Support Services - assists in raising children with disabilities in the family home.  Services include ongoing financial assistance and professional services, respite care, etc.
  • Supportive Living Services  - provides services for adults who are living independently or in the family home.
  • Comprehensive Services  - provides 24/7 care and supervision for persons living in a variety of community-based settings, including host homes (adult foster care), personal care alternatives (homes for 1-3 people) and group homes (homes of 4 - 8 people).
  • Day Program and Supported Employment – daily activities, job coaching and employment.


The InspirationField building provides the opportunity to improve and expand services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The facility includes many new rooms including a sensory integration room, music room, computer training lab, commons area that will seat 359 people, and technology-supported meeting rooms.


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