The Vehicle Maintenance Training Facility Fund is established to raise money to build a facility to maintain the agency's fleet. In addition, the building will create mechanic work for those individuals seeking training in the mechanic field.

The facility will also be used as a job training center for at-risk adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These individuals will work closely with a certified mechanic, who will teach them valuable mechanical skills, and help them realize their dreams of becoming a mechanic!

Only together can we achieve this vision.

Our goal is to raise $800,000 by December 31, 2018, -

proving a decade of extraordinary progress.

We're only a third of they way to our goal, and with the

support of the entire community, we will succeed.

Your support is extremely important for InspirationField to meet the needs of the people we support with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Contracts with the State of Colorado and federal funding do not cover all the costs to provide support in Otero, Crowley, and Western Bent counties. Additional funding must come from people and businesses like YOU in our community. Your gift is fully tax deductible, and InspirationField will send you a letter of acknowledgement.

Please partner with us by making a donation today, and together we will ensure that all people we support have the best opportunities to reach their highest potential.

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To Make A Phone Donation

To make a donation by VISA or MasterCard via the telephone, it's as easy as calling Rosa Salo, InspirationField Chief Financial Officer, at 719-384-8741 ext. 104.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

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